#ThisIsOUCampusRec: Studio 897

Studio 897

IMG_3296Studio 897 is where the group ex classes are held Monday through Friday and accommodate total body sculpt, Zumba, strength training, yoga and belly dancing. When you have the urge to experience these array of classes offered at OU, where do you go? The studio is located downstairs in the Rec center, straight ahead, across from the service desk. It is also right next to the day lockers for convenient access.




5th Annual Employee Poker Walk


Witches of Wilson Hall

The 5th annual Poker Walk was held at the recreation center this past Wednesday, May 20th at Oakland University. Covering a one-mile loop on Campus, with free admission for OU employees, 350 attendees had shown up to participate.

With the invitation to dress to impress, many had formed teams displaying a unique theme. The opportunity to showcase creativity as well as starting the year off active are just some of the reasons why people look forward to this event each year. Teams from all walks of life were present from the Witches of Wilson Hall bringing along their original team jingle,to the Royal Flushes equipped with a plunger, the Macomb Safari and the Monopoly themed School of Business who had appreciated the opportunity to showoff their costumes and spending time with their co-workers.


Royal Flush

“It’s great to see everyone out of the office and bring in some creativity,” states the team. “All our costumes are made from scratch,” a team member revealed, as her giant decorative candy cane had been wrapped in black duct tape to resemble the cane   of Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Along with walking a mile decked out in exceptional attire, teams and solo walkers were able pick up numbered poker chips along the way to turn in at the end to receive a prize. Let me just say that it was worth making the extra mile that day, since OU hoodies, jackets, hats, water bottles and gym bags were just a few of the quality prizes that were offered.


Macomb Grizzly Safari

To top it off, participants were able to get pictures taken in front of the Grizz statue. When it came to the Macomb Safari posing with binoculars at the ready, “Grizz spotted” made for a Kodak moment.

With endless fun and activity, this made for a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon and to begin summer athletic endeavors in a non-daunting fashion. Food trucks were available throughout the day and the duration of the event was 2 hours. Special thanks goes to Becky Lewis, Stephanie Willis and Kelsey Zuchowicz for organizing such a creative and exciting event.


SBA Monopoly

NEW Employee Spotlight: Annmarie Eovaldi


AnnMarie is a new employee at the Rec. She works as a Member Services Attendant who just started working here this past April. She recently finished her Freshman year at OU and is majoring in Human Resources and Development and Political Science. AnnMarie shared some of her experiences she has had since she began working here and why she loves the Rec.

Why did you choose HRD and Political Science as your Major(s)?

I would like to do some sort of work in ethics and I would like to work in local government or with State Legislation. They both seemed like a good pair to be able to get a job like that.

Why did you want to work at the Rec Center?

It always seemed like a good place to get in and get good experiences and make friends. It looked like a great on-campus job, which is something that I was looking for.

What is your favorite part about working here so far?

Definitely the people. My fellow employees are very nice, helpful and wonderful individuals. Especially to someone who is new like me, they were willing to help out a lot.

What transferrable skills do you hope to gain from working here?

Customer Service skills – relating to and helping other people. I want to learn how to deal with all types of people and all types of situations.

What are your favorite Rec Activities?

Definitely Group Ex. I came to the Rec to do Kickboxing, Zumba, and Abs, Glutes, & Thighs. I had a schedule every week and enjoyed participating.

When you’re not at the Rec, what are some things you like to do?

I like to read a lot, and I enjoy coaching Middle School Swimming.

What are you looking forward to?

The Taylor Swift Concert this week! I have floor seats.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I live on a farm in the suburbs.

End of Year Highlights for Club Sports

This past year has been filled with exciting news for Club Sports, most of them being astounding achievements performed by our very own Oakland University Club Sports teams.

We had a few teams make it to nationals:

  • Football Club went 9-0 and won the National Championship in their second year as a Club Sport
  • D3 hockey made it to the National Championships and placed 3rd with a record setting season of 34-2-4
  • W. Lacrosse made the final four in their national championships

A few more teams winning big or placing well in their division:

  • Winter Guard won the state championship in their first year of existence as a Club Sport
  • Men’s Rugby placed 2nd in their Division II Great Lakes Conference
  • Men’s Soccer won their season title

Some teams grew, like Tennis Club by developing a recreational team to go with it’s competitive one.

Some Club Sports even sent players overseas like D3 Hockey sending Kyle Gagnon, Zac Massa, AJ Rosales, and Alex Zakucia to play against teams in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Slovenia representing the United States for our D3 Selects national team and D1 Hockey sending Bill Balent to Spain to play for Team USA in the World University Games

Some achievements we’ve had as a department include:

  • Club Sport supported Indoor Triathlon raised just over $350 to split between donations to Athletes Unlimited and Healthy Pontiac Coalition
  • We grew by two new Club Sports, Women’s Volleyball and OU Outlaws/Ultimate Frisbee
  • Club Sports spending almost 250 hours of their time to get involved with the community this last year

#ThisIsOUCampusRec: GroupEx


This week, we’ll take a look at the GroupEx classes that OU Campus Rec has to offer and how you can get involved.

Whether you are looking for a consistent workout routine or you just want to have fun with your friends, OU Campus Rec offers a weekly schedule of group exercise classes and a variety of mind/body fitness classes for physical activity, stress management, and social interaction. A variety of class formats are provided to challenge fitness enthusiasts at any level.

Designed to provide a balanced workout regimen, the Group Exercise class schedule provides a variety of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility workouts from which to choose.

DSC_0124How to participate? GroupEx classes are free to all currently registered students and paying members. You can inquire at the Service Desk or Welcome Center to obtain the free semester pass on your Grizz ID. The only exception to the free classes is Mind/Body (yoga), where students and paying members must purchase a Mind/Body FitPass (you may also inquire and purchase this pass at the Welcome Center or Service Desk). Benefit-eligible OU employees must purchase a FitPass for all the classes on the schedule.


Check out our Summer 1 GroupEx Schedule! Click on the image to see larger.

Once your unlimited GroupEx pass is registered to your Grizz ID, the Welcome Center (before 11am) or Service Desk (after 11am) will check you into the class of your choosing. There are 28 classes per week for you to choose from that can coordinate with your schedule. Click here for the most updated Group Exercise schedule.

Classes we offer:


Check out our Summer 2 GroupEx Schedule! Click on the image to see larger.

OU Campus Rec offers a variety of GroupEx classes: FFL Cardio, FFL Tai Chi, Total Body Sculpt, Cycle, Zumba, Step Interval, TRX, Dance Strength combo; Abs, Glutes & Thighs; Belly Dancing, Yoga

Here’s just a few examples of what each class entails. For more information, please visit our website.

TRX: All core, all the time; suspension training is the latest in functional exercises. Engage all your muscles with this non-stop 45-60 minute TRX workout. Build overall strength and endurance, balance, and flexibility with this total body workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Total Body Sculpt: A high-energy, total body toning workout with cardio bursts throughout! Upbeat music and challenging yet doable exercises to get you in the best shape for spring. Set your goals high because this class is designed to push you as an individual. All fitness levels welcome.

Cycle: Take a ride on the bike for improved cardiovascular fitness. Cycle through sprints, jumps, climbs, and isolations to get your blood pumping.

Zumba: Complete FUN! Latin inspired dance that will keep you moving for a great moderate intensity cardio workout.105_4774

Yoga (Mind/Body $): Focus on improving strength, balance, flexibility, circulation, and inner peace using traditional yoga poses and sequence.

Group Exercise Instructors are CPR/AED and First Aid certified, and many hold nationally recognized group fitness certifications.


Employee Spotlight: Emily Carlini

IMG_32181Job Title: Member Services Attendant (Started Fall 2014)

Major: Human Resources and Development (Sophomore)

Why did you want to work at the Rec?

I knew it would be a fun environment to work at since I had two siblings work at the Rec Center previously. I knew it would help build my communication and networking skills.

What is your favorite part about working here?

I like the people that I work with and learning new skills that will help me with my career goals.1398824_1395974734024266_5757203656278107610_o

What skills have you acquired that will help you in the future?

The two greatest things I learned while working at the Rec Center are communication and problem solving skills.

Fun Fact: I have five siblings.

Cricket, Oakland’s Summer Only Sport

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, dating back to the 18th century. Even though there has been consistent participation for Cricket in the United States dating back to British colonial times, Cricket is hardly a blip in the US sports radar.  Oakland University notices Cricket in much the same way, however, the university has had a strong Cricket team dating back to 2002.

teampic_2014_aug24 (4)-25082014-033315

The Cricket Club of Oakland Univeristy, or CCOU, “is one of the oldest teams in MichCA and has competed in the league every year so far”, Rammanoj Gunturi, Cricket Club President, tells us.

MichCA stands for Michigan Cricket Association and involves cricket teams into three levels. Oakland finds itself in the second division, T20, but has competed in the first division, F40, in the past. “We had two inter university championships (in 2007-2008); in 2007 we won Division 1 F40 Trophy in Great Lakes Cricket Club (GLCC)” explains Gunturi.

In the MichCA, there are 30 teams with our own Cricket Club competing in 15 games from May to September, making Cricket the only strictly summer sports club at Oakland University.

team_practice_2104 (5)-11082014-095503

Gunturi provides a brief description to us about the game of Cricket.

Cricket involves two teams with eleven players on each side, with two innings in a game (batting & bowling). The Captain who wins the coin-toss decides whether to bat or bowl. If his team bats first, their aim is to score more runs, and make sure opponent team does not reach that score. If he chooses to bowl first, he should finish innings of his opponent with a low score and his team should cross that score. More elaborated rules and regulations are in our Facebook page “Cricket Club at Oakland University”.

You can also check out this video from Slate to see a brief overview of the game.

The Cricket club practices three times a week during those summer months and there is no experience necessary to get involved and start playing Cricket. If you wish to have more information about practice or have questions about the club, you can contact Ram at (734) 431-8107 or email – cricketou@googlegroups.com.