Employee Spotlight

Jenna VanderHaar


Job Title: Welcome Center Attendant

Major: Nursing

Why did you want to work at the REC?

I like the atmosphere and I was here all the time anyway so it was just really convenient to work here as well!

What is your favorite part about working at the REC?

Interacting with the people that come in and my co-workers.

What skills have you acquired while working at the REC that will help you in the future?

Teamwork, problem solving, costumer service, and leadership.

Fun Fact: 

I went skydiving last summer.

D1 Hockey Reflects on Season


ACHA Division 1 hockey had an eventful season this year. From sending their own Bill Balent to Spain to play for Team USA in the World University Games, to making it to the Great Lakes Collegiate Hockey League (GLCHL)’s playoffs, they’ve accomplished a lot this year. We had the chance to speak with DI hockey’s president, Ian Jacobs, about this year and the club’s plan for coming years.

The GLCHL Playoffs, as Jacobs explains, “are more of bragging rights and holding the title for a year than anything else”. Jabobs goes on to say, “there is a plan to turn winning our league playoffs into a bid to the national tournament like other leagues in the ACHA do”.

This playoff transformation can turn the GLCHL playoffs away from a bragging rights trophy and into a highly competitive tournament that results in the winning team moving onto the national tournament. At the moment, only the top winning teams from the GLCHL regular season are allowed to move on.

The team unfortunately didn’t make the national championships this year. Jacobs tells us this is a “first in the program’s history”.

For DI Hockey, the season is over, but they have some great stories to share from the past season. As Jacobs tells us:

Some of the biggest highlights for us would be beating Adrian College [Oakland’s Rival], they are one of the best teams in the country and until now, we haven’t beat them since 2012.

Going down to Liberty University and beating them 5-2 was also big for us, they are another powerhouse in the ACHA and it is tough to beat them at their own rink (2500 fans who love hockey, but not our hockey team).

Last, sending our captain Bill Balent to Spain to play for Team USA in the World University Games, was big for our program.

As for the future, Jacobs looks to bring the team back to being in the top ten in the country, a spot it has been before.

Excited for next season? Like the D1 Hockey team on Facebook or follow on Twitter for updates.

Check out the highlights video below from your own Golden Grizzlies this past season:


Employee Spotlight

Kayla Andreski


Job Title: Welcome Center Attendant

Major: Nursing

Why did you want to work at the REC?

I wanted to find a good on campus job and the REC center looked like a really fun place to work.

What is your favorite part about working at the REC?

The people and fun events that we have.

What skills have you acquired while working at the REC that will help you in the future?

Teamwork and costumer service.

Fun Fact: 

I am on the Meadowbrook Ball Committee.

Winter Guard Competes and Places Third


The Winter Guard Club of Oakland University competed in it’s first Winter Guard International (WGI) Regional competition and placed third. This is a major accomplishment for a club celebrating it’s first year anniversary.

Winter Guard’s President, Laura Coen, tells us, “We will be competing in several competitions over [the course of] the season around the state”.

Coen continues “We had competed in one so far where we placed 4th, at that time we only had half of our performance so in the ones to come we feel pretty confident that we can bring our score up”.

The Michigan Color Guard Circuit (MCGC) has competitions throughout the state for teams based in Michigan leading up to the MCGC state championships. Alongside the MCGC competitions, WGI holds regional competitions throughout the United States and one in the Netherlands; all leading up to their championship competition.

Winter Guard Club performing at the WGI Regional Competition in Walled Lake

Winter Guard Club performing at the WGI Regional Competition in Walled Lake

Performances/competitions are judged in the areas of talent, precision, creativity, and horizontal orchestration (how all the elements create the larger picture/effect). Teams are scored on a point system which is what dictates 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and so on.

Coen explains their win,  “We place[d] 2nd out of 10 in the prelim[inary] round and got to advance with the top 5 to finals where we placed 3rd out of 5″.

For the Winter Guard Club, this is huge because “this our first step into taking part in WGI competitions, in future years we hope to be able to attend WGI championships”.

Follow the Winter Guard club on their journey through Facebook and if you’re interested in joining the club, contact Laura Coen at lecoan@oakland.edu . Some experience required to join.

Heart Month


How important is our heart? How much do we really know about heart health? Well we found out during Heart Month last February! OU Campus Rec Employee Wellness, and the AP Assembly decided to celebrate Heart Month by hosting an event including the American Heart Association and Rochester Hills Fire Department. Representatives from The American Heart Association gave a special presentation to over 50 guests that were in attendance. They explained how to give hands only CPR in case of an emergency. Why hands only? The American Heart Association explains that in an emergency situation, performing compressions only (versus the compressions with mouth-to-mouth) is more helpful than doing nothing at all. More individuals tend to shy away from performing CPR in an emergency because they are uncomfortable with the mouth-to-mouth portion or resuscitation. Guests were able to learn the correct CPR procedures using compressions, in addition to practicing on mannequins provided by the Rochester Fire Department. Guest speaker, David Charlton,was also present to share his personal experience about how he was able to save a man’s life using CPR.. It is important to be prepared for health emergencies because they could happen anywhere. “Every person should take the time to become aware of CPR procedures, because you never know when you or a family member may find yourself in an emergency situation. ,” said Wellness Coordinator, Stephanie Willis. Representatives also spoke about Heart Disease Awareness because many people know that it is the #1 killer of both men and women. That is why it is important to learn about healthy heart habits and CPR! Keep in mind that the REC Center also provides full CPR trainings on a regular basis. Information on classes, cost, and sign-up can be found on the Campus Recreation website.

Check out these event photos from the Red Carpet photo area!

What You Didn’t Know About Dagorhir

Dagorhir is a full-contact live action role play (LARP) sport that uses foam weapons to conduct battles on campus, or in events that are hosted throughout the state and country.

Gage Zurawski aka Bolvar “The Butcher” Quickblade, president of the Dagorhir club explains “Dagorhir takes its name from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elven language and it translates into “Battle Lords”. “

Dagorhir, however, is just the sport that this club plays and these Dagorhir players identify with another group. Since the sport is inspired by medieval battles and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, there are units (clubs/group) that spread across the country. Regionally, these units come together and make a realm.

The club at Oakland University comes together to form the “Imperial Guard” unit with black and purple as their colors. The realm in which the Imperial Guard is stationed is called “Eryndor” which encompasses Michigan and Ohio, but some players in this realm come from surrounding states as well.


Emblem for the Imperial Guard

Besides having regular practices on Sundays from 1pm to 4 or 5pm, Dagorhir attends events that are either day-events, lasting a full day, or campouts that can range from a weekend or a full week in length. Zurawski tells me “The largest battle of the year, Ragnarok, is a week long, and takes place in Pennsylvania.  Here people camp together for a week, surrounded by fellow fighters, merchants, and friends.”


Dagorhir isn’t just a smash one another with foam weapons for hours on end kind of activity. Even though Dagorhir is a full contact sport, it works off of the honor system. If an opponent is struck, but doesn’t acknowledge the hit, you cannot call them out on it, but you are expected to hit them in that spot harder next time.

If struck in the arm, you are expected to drop what you were holding and put that arm behind your back. If struck in the leg, you go down on your knees and continue fighting. Head strikes are prohibited unless it is by a projectile. Being struck in the torso equals an instant death. Ankle and below along with wrist and hand strikes do not count toward loss of limbs in the fight.

To get a better understanding of the weapons and how they fit into this sport, Zurawski provides an explanation:

Weapons are divided into color categories

Blue – basic one handed swung weapons (swords, clubs, flails).

Green – stabbing weapons (daggers, spears, some sword/polearm tips).  Do not count to limb loss, meaning you can be stabbed in both arms and legs, and still be alive.  If you are stabbed in the torso though, you are dead.  Single-handed greens do not penetrate armor and do nothing to an armored opponent.  If both hands are on a green, it goes through armor

Red – two-handed power weapons (swords, polearms).  When swung with two-hands and with sufficient force, destroy armor and whatever it protects (excluding helmets).  Also two “Red” strikes to a shield, break a shield.

Shields – can be various sizes.  Protect against all strikes except “Red”. Only one shield may be carried by a fighter at any time.

Yellow – Projectiles (arrow, javelins). Penetrate armor. Kills if it hits the head. Counts as a stab everywhere else so no limb loss

White- Rocks. Can only do damage if they hit the head for instant death.

Armor provides one additional point of protection and protects only what it covers.  If a person is wearing a brace, it allows them to be hit there once, and then the next hit there goes through to the arm.

Winter practices are held in the Rec center and after mid-march, practices will be held outside of the Oakland Center right next to Bear Lake.


A practice at Bear Lake

“Anyone is welcome to join; we don’t care what race or gender you are, if you fight or don’t, come out to every practice or event, or have the same type of fantasy base as anyone else”, says Zurawski, “We accept people for who they are and we never exclude anyone”.

Walkups are highly encouraged, you may also contact them through their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/oudagorhir or by emailing The Butcher himself at: gezuraws@oakland.edu